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Hal has lived the American dream. A self-employed entrepreneur, he worked hard throughout his career to build a stable, successful life. He raised a family, saved well, and made sure that he prepared for retirement. But now that retirement has come . . . there’s something missing. Why isn’t “gone fi shin’” all it’s cracked up to be? Hal joins Richard, a new friend equally concerned about creating meaning and security in retirement. Together, they explore a new way of planning for the future that incorporates not just finances, but also personal goals and values. Although they are in different life stages and have different family and financial backgrounds, the two of them discover together the keys to creating a stable, fulfilling future. You’ll learn from their story:

  • The time to retire isn’t marked just by a dollar figure
  • You’re retiring “to” and not “from” something
  • Targeted saving helps you achieve your goals
  • You can provide for your heirs in different ways, equitably
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Featured Reviews

  • “Brad’s book introduces a holistic approach to planning for the phase of life we call ‘retirement.’  Every member of my ‘boomer’ generation has access to financial calculators and the endless scenarios they can generate.  As Brad reminds us, though, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the planning-planning for life.”

    Greg Gunderson
    CFP, President/CEO, Investment Centers of America, Inc.

  • “Too many Americans face a dismal future because they failed to truly plan for the longest vacation of their lives- retirement.  People continue to live longer lives.  They face a double-headed monster, the twin predators of wealth known as taxes and inflation.  Just as important is their purpose during their retirement years.  Fish Don’t Clap addresses these issues and more!”

    Michael Roby
    Financial Industry Speaker, Coach, and Consultant

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